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To Renew Membership

As specified in the by-laws, every member is required to renew membership with the payment of $200.00 dues. We also ask that each member review his or her profile to make sure that all qualifications are still in effect.  

Each member can renew by logging into the system, clicking on his or her name in the upper right corner, then clicking on the View Profile link. This opens the member's profile.  The profile will have a button that says, Renew Until September 15, 2022.  By clicking on the button, the member can renew and pay dues online.

While renewing, we ask each member to review the fields in the profile for accuracy.  To edit any of these fields, the member can click on the Edit button on his/her profile.

An annual review takes just a few minutes, but keeps our records up-to-date so that we can reach all members efficiently.  Here are some checks we ask members to make:

  • Is the email address still correct?  All communications from the organization including event announcements use this email address.  The member can update it while logged in, but should remember that the new email address will become the username for future log ins.

  • Are all of the qualifications still active?  

  • Has the member earned any additional qualifications?

  • Does the member still work for the same organization?

  • Are the mailing address, phone number, and FAX number still current?

  • Is there anything the member wants to add or change in terms of publication or investment experience? 

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