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In order to become a new member, an eligible person must have appropriate qualifications as described on the Membership Requirements page and be sponsored by two members, one in the same profession or business and one in a different profession or business.

To apply, an eligible person must follow the steps below:

  • Use the membership form to apply.  Start by entering your email address and clicking Next.
  • Fill in the relevant fields specifying qualifications, experience, certification types and dates, involvement with investment planning, and so on.  If there is relevant information in your resume not captured in the other fields, you may copy/paste it into the optional resume field.
  • Fill in the names of the two endorsers.  Once you've opened an application, you can log into the system and see the directory of members if you need to verify that a  potential endorser is a WCEPC member.
  • It is up to you to contact your endorsers and ask them to send an email stating their endorsement to the WCEPC membership chair.  You will receive an email with further instructions about where to ask them to send their endorsements. 
  • Set the Application Complete field to "YES" when you are satisfied that your application is ready for review.  You may choose to return to edit your application before you submit it. 

When these steps have been completed, the application will then be reviewed.  

If your membership is approved, your membership status will be upgraded to full member and an invoice for initial dues will be generated and emailed to you.  The data you entered in your application will remain in the system as your member profile. 

At any time, you can change information in your application or member profile.  Log into the system with your email address. Use the Forgot Password link to set your password.  Then click on your name in the upper right corner, followed by View Profile.  You will find a tab there for payments you've made and any open invoices you need to pay.  You can use these invoices and payment records as receipts for your records.

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